Ernest Hemingway, Time Magazine


Ernest Miller Hemingway was born in 1899, Illinois, United States. He was born to a middle class family, his father a physician and his mother had an artistic influence been from the musician class of middle class America. The nineteenth century for Europe and America brought about the power and prestige of middle class. Post Industrial Age, new wealth was created and living standards rose dramatically for the middle class, as well as the population of middle class growing becoming a status symbol for families.

Ernest’s parents were well educated and well respected. They resided in a conservative community buying a large 7 bedroom home and a summer home for their growing family. The family home contained a music studio for his mother and physician rooms for his father. His childhood reflected upper middle class hobbies and interests. Including an education in music, which he drew upon for his first journalistic piece on Chicago Symphony Orchestra. He also partook in sports and outdoor recreation. Some of these influences were to stay with him the rest of his life. He died near Sun Valley in Idaho in the adjacent area of Ketchum. Sun Valley had become an area for middle class and upper class alike, to take in outdoor activities and the snow season that the area offered in winter.

Hemingway began his career as a writer as a journalist. Later when he moved into fiction he used an understated style that grew from his experience as a journalist. His writing style reflected that of the Iceberg Theory and he reflected upon the works by Proust. Some people have believed that all his fictional works used the Iceberg Theory style but that is incorrect. His style did change and grow as his experience in fiction changed. This is normal for most writers and this was the case for Hemingway also.

Like most journalists of his time Hemingway was opinionated, reflecting also upon the changes in society, partly bought about by the 2 world wars. Some find his thoughts to fall into the category of philosophy. I think that is true but someone did not have a career as a journalist without having strong views. His lifestyle was a contemporary rock star type and the public loved it. My personal thoughts are this helped to his works becoming renowned and well known because of his private/public life.

A Farewell To Arms is available in ebook form on the and the film A Farewell To Arms (1932) starring Helen Hayes and Gary Cooper is also available to stream on Many of his books are also available as feature films.

Ernest Hemingway achieved the notable awards of the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction in 1953 and the Noble Prize in Literature in 1954. His achievements in writing, both journalistic and fiction are important milestones for literature in the 20th Century. The Hemingway family are still involved in The Arts and the American culture.