The eyebrow is making a comeback, stepping away from the thin shaped brow. The above video is a tutorial on doing the makeup look and filling in eyebrows. Be careful with pulling at the eye area when applying makeup. It can cause stretching and wrinkling of the skin over time.



To achieve a full brow you will have to stop tweezing, threading or waxing. They will have to be grown out and nothing removed for 8-12 weeks to allow the hair cycle to grow. Some people can grow them out in 3 months, others could take a year. This look will be around for some time. When eyebrows change the change usually stays for about a decade. Probably because they take so long to grow.

Beauty Routine

Lightly exfoliating only the eyebrow area every 2 weeks over a couple of months will help them grow. Use a dab of olive oil on a cotton bud every few days to condition the hairs. Olive oil has vitamin E which helps growth for hair and skin.

This beauty routine will need to be kept up but more sporadic when they grow out. The look is groomed and well maintained. Not sad and neglected.


There are a couple of looks. Varying from a dramatic look in the YouTube video to a natural look by Ralph Lauren in the above photo.

The biggest obstacle would be to be cautious of red as a bright lipstick. Red is old. An orange/red mix can work.

Over the next few weeks visit some department stores and try out some of the eyebrow kits. Indulge and experiment as to how your eyebrow kit will need to work for you. Some kits come prepacked with eyebrow colours and pencils and a wax. Or a clear mascara would work to hold eyebrows, if they are thick and coarse. They must look groomed not neglected.


Above photo credit; Ralph Lauren, Floral Shirlyn Sundress by RRL label.