Season Finales Worth Watching


Arrow Season 3 “My name is Oliver Queen”. If you are in the U.S., watch for free on the CW website. Arrow has been renewed for Season 4.


Blue Bloods

Blue Bloods as just been renewed for another season. If copyright is permitted in the country you live, it can be downloaded from iTunes. TenPlay in Australia has Blue Bloods available to watch for free.


The Flash

The Flash has been renewed for Season 2. In Australia The Flash is played on Foxtel, on their FOX8 channel.



Gotham has also been renewed. Channel Nine’s Go! plays Gotham in Australia. Otherwise check online or your local stations for airtime.


Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy has been renewed. Looks like the ‘Doctor Sexy’ gets another year in the house.


Chicago Fire

Chicago Fire has been renewed for another season.



Grimm is renewed. Season 5 is on it’s way.



Supernatural just keeps going and going. It has been renewed.