Men’s Shoes

Men lead busy lives and need to have their shoes organised. Rotate your shoes, look after them and they will serve you well. Keep them looking good with maintenance, including waterproofing if they need it. Do not store shoes in plastic. Also don’t store them wet or dirty.

Dress Shoes

If you work in an office environment you will need the minimum of 2 pairs to rotate during the work week. Keep 1 pair aside for special engagements and meetings, so they are ready to go and in the best presentable shape.

Casual Shoes

A minimum of 2 casual shoes. Different styles will benefit the different looks of your wardrobe. 1 item needs to be on trend.


Workmen boots are a classic look. All weather boots are a great investment.

Other footwear could include activewear.

Images sourced from David Jones, Colorado and Converse from the Andy Warhol collection.