Men’s Accessories

A few basic accessories will add variety, style and keep outfits fresh.

Some of our picks are;

Look 1; tan accessories. Matching belt and boot. Choose a boot that is your style.


Look 2; dark accessories. Again, matching belt and boot. The colour we picked was dark blue or navy.

Scarves; stripe scarves look great for off duty wear. The check pattern would lift denim or a subtle classic style to match a suit.

Hats; are practical, they keep you warm in winter and protect you from the sun in summer. To keep them stylish they need to match in with your personal style. Keep the colours in keeping with your wardrobe to avoid looking mismatched and haphazard.

Ties and pocket squares; they add different looks to your wardrobe depending on the Occassion. Neutral looks dressy and conservative. Mixed patterns suit a creative type and a pocket square adds a bit of class.

Source for images; David Jones and Colorado shoes inclusive.