Do Not Exercise If You Are Sick or Injured

Over quite a number of years, I have had a number of minor injuries which I have to consult a medical practitioner.

If an injury occurs the most important thing is to stop running and consult medical specialist.

Injuries will happen, but the health benefits out way the injuries.

Over a number of years I have had numerous injuries ranging from minor sporting injuries to injuries that required time off work. I have had Sprained Ankles, Torn Calf, Iliotibial Band Friction Syndrome, and Damaged Synovial Joint In My Ankle, each time I suffered an injury I consulted a Medical Practitioner and followed their advice.

In the old days sporting coaches advised you when every you are sick to run off a cold. A fever is your bodies way of fighting off an infection. Only exercise when you are feeling good and not sick. I made the mistake of running when I was unwell and made the sickness even worse. Exercising when unwell is not wise and this increased the length of my sickness.