Could Aran be the Ultimate Hipster Cardigan?

Ah yes, Australia. A land of sweeping plains and rugged mountain ranges. Well that and one of the largest Hipster movements in the world. With Melbourne at the lead of it, of course.

And tonight while I’m tucked under my heavy downy doona, with a snow storm blasting it’s way to the Australian Alps. My mind drifts to Melbourne and the European style weather. Ireland, the home of the beautiful Aran sweater and made with pure wool, does come to mind. Do these Aussie Hipster men from Melbourne know of the Aran tradition, it’s comfort and warmth. Would they know how to style and wear it?

My preference would go to the cardigan and vests, which look great as layers.




Look Number 1

Double denim in jeans and shirt with the Aran cardigan on top. Matching boots and belt in tan.


Look Number 2

Relaxed fit Khaki pants with a Tee.


Look Number 3

Black or charcoal pants and top with a lighter coloured Aran cardigan on top.


Look Number 4

A wool mix pant and wool mix top sit well with an Aran cardigan because of similar fabrics to the all wool Aran.

To get further looks, mix it up with casual sneakers, boots or dress shoes for going out or after work.

Wool needs to be washed delicately. It can pill but a wool shaver will keep them looking fresh. Store flat. These items are luxury pieces and last when cared for or rotated with other pieces for variety and wear.