Internet At Home

In Australia we have many different internet companies you can go though including Telstra, Optus, AAPT, iiNet and Dodo. Most of the companies supply a wireless router or maybe you can bring your own router. If you have to buy a router you can get a good router for under $100 at any computer retailer. I would recommend if you can, to hook up any of the devices wireless.  Do that for the ease of moving that device around. Because there is no greater hassle than unplugging a device then replugging in a new location and then connecting to router again.

If you are going to hook up a wireless network at home I would check on the to see which internet provider gives the best deal and customer service. What is the point of having cheap internet if it disrupted all of the time and you can’t get technical support. I would even check the wireless routers technical specifications to see if the router will fit your needs.

Once you are connected you can hook up your PC, Laptop, Tablet, Xbox, PlayStation or even your mobile phone to your WiFi system. This should be as easy as detecting the network and then enter in the Password that is given to you by your Internet Service Provider.