Exercise With A Friend

fitness exerciseTo help keep you motivated exercise with a friend.

Find somebody around the same standard as you are. After both of your medical checks have been done, meet somewhere nice to train. Select a predetermined time and keep on meeting at a good time for you both. I even would suggest a rest day, you don’t need to exercise everyday. But make sure you exercise at least 4 to 5 times a week.

If you can’t find somebody to train with in the local area, find someone to be accountable to. I have friend I chat with online and we contact each other via Facebook. We live some distance away from each other but we keep each other motivated. We do this by telling each other how far we have run and in what time. And if we have any injuries. If you suffer an injury please consult a medical specialist.

Make sure one (if not both) of you has a mobile phone in case of emergency. As a precaution for safety.

With somebody else there for you, it helps you keep motivated to exercise regularly. This also helps you to achieve your exercise goals.

If either of you have any discomfort especially in the chest region, please consult a medical professional.


Image credit; fitness-love.com