Looking for a Challenge?


Are you looking for a fitness challenge?

Tone it Up have started a summer challenge. Which is great for those living in the Northern Hemisphere and preparing for a fun summer. It is an 8 week challenge and can be followed on line, so it is not location dependent.

Combining an online community and including new exercise challenges every week, which are delivered via email. They have introduced some new recipes to their collection. Their video about Kitchen recipes includes tips, such as enjoying brunch with a friend. Their pancake mixture uses their protein formula as the basis of their pancakes. An article on 5 mistakes you might be making, is also helpful to tweak your lifestyle.

Their advice to build a community to support your efforts, using their online website and surrounding yourself with like minded friends is sound advice. It has been scientifically proven and various studies have been undertaken by companies, such as Weight Watchers, that supportive people help you achieve your goals. Go after your challenge and meet your goals this year.


YouTube video and photo courtesy of Tone It Up