Fast and Easy Travel Guide to Belfast

An expert’s guide on the best things to do in Belfast and why this city is a dream destination.


Residents of Belfast are the type to constantly explore their own backyard and visit local attractions frequently.  This just goes to show that any traveler will find this city to be a dream destination. There is no shortage of things to do in this vibrant city full of art, history, and award-winning architecture.

Keep reading to see why this dream destination will bump Belfast to the top of your travel bucket list.

Belfast has no shortage of fabulous food and unique eateries.  The food and culture in Belfast has changed vastly over the past ten years, and there are many up and coming young chefs that call this city home.  Robinson & Cleaver is one such joint that caters to both the casual diner or your inner food critic in an historic building with memories of the old city. If the day suits it, eat on the balcony and you’ll get the best view of the iconic City Hall as you dine.

The lively social and nightlife in Belfast revolves around the pub scene.  There are so many, you’ll have a tough time choosing your favourite!  For this, talk to locals at the tourist office, your hotel or hostel, and get a feel for their personal favourite pub to get a better taste and experience of how the locals relax and unwind. Crown Liquor Saloon is a popular and traditional Victorian style pub that’s been around since 1826. Get off the beaten path when you can, but definitely check this one out.


BelfastThe stunning interior of the Crown Liquor Saloon

Belfast is lively and filled with unique opportunities to experience Ireland that you won’t be able to enjoy anywhere else:

Outdoor venues, botanic gardens, open air markets, and unique buildings on every corner will making walking and exploring this city a pleasurable experience.

Take an insightful but chilling visit to the historic Crumlin Road Gaol, or relax and enjoy afternoon tea at the iconic and thought provoking Titanic Belfast.


Belfast is also the central production stage for the extremely popular HBO series Game of Thrones. They take advantage of the beauty of Belfast and the breathtaking landscapes to film some of their most iconic scenes. Visit the 820-acre Castle Ward – known by show and book lovers as Winterfell and the home of House Stark – and experience costumes, archery and more on a comprehensive tour of the most spectacular filming locations. This is a must-do tour for any Game of Thrones fan that displays the beautiful and picturesque real-life locations in contrast to the harsh and sometimes grisly scenes shown on the series.


Experience the splendid Castle Ward used for filming HBO’S Game of Thrones

Belfast No 2

Belfast is a dream destination that will entertain a traveler all day and night. The city provides a tempting balance of relaxation and entertainment that will keep you coming back for countless more visits to this wonderful destination.