Mark Marshall’s documentary is a gem of American History. He describes the foundation of his project as;

“Most people are familiar with the Titanic but very few are acquainted with the Steamboat Sultana. The largest maritime disasters in American History.”

Mark Marshall directs and co-wrote the documentary with Brian Hughes. A wonderful team has been put together to tell this story. It is collaboration to Remember The Sultana.


The Team


imageSome of the team include Sean Astin (The Goonies and The Lord of the Rings), Jim Michaels (Odyssey 5 and Supernatural) and Matthew Egan of Image Freedom, San Antonio.


Jim Michaels is a Producer/Director for television and films. He is currently serving as Co-Executive Producer for the CW’s television series Supernatural. He has been with the series Supernatural since 2007. I recently got to ask him the question of what drew him to the project. He replied “I was surprised that I knew nothing about the event. Once I understood about the lives lost, the soldiers struggle, I had to do it!”

Jim Michaels is also a friend of Mark Marshall. Jim shares on the Kickstarter site;

“Mark is a friend and I’ve been moved by his passion for this story. For me, documentary film-making is about stewardship. I’m proud to help lead a team of professional, who are so dedicated and whose sense of purpose is so clear.”


The History


In 1861, Amaerican Civil War broke out. After Lee’s surrender in 1865, other Confederate generals followed. The Industrial Revolution had also begun earlier and was reflected during the war. The use of telegraph, steamships and weapons were used.

The SS Sultana was a steamboat that exploded on April 27, 1865. Approximately 1800 people perished. The boat had been carrying surviving POW’s. The disaster had been overshadowed by the assassination of President Lincoln. This year marks the 150 year anniversary.



The Documentary

Narrated by Sean Astin, the first showing will take place as a private viewing and including RSVP invitations to the backers. This viewing will mark the 150 year anniversary of the disaster.

After the viewing, the DVD will be launched in the months to come. The first available going to the backers of the documentary. To follow the latest news go to their Facebook  and the website.



Sources; Wikipedia, IMDB, The Sultana Documentary website and Social Media and Kickstarter. Photo credit goes to Remember The Sultana documentary Kickstarter website.