Supernatural, the CWTV’s hit show has now passed the 10 year season mark and has been renewed for season 11. The stars of the show are set to visit Down Under. The Hub Productions are hosting the event in Australia. AHBLVI is to be held in Melbourne on 23rd of May and in Sydney on 24th of May.

The popular cult TV show event includes the stars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles. Co-star Mark Sheppard is also appearing, with the company making a mention of others to follow. No mention of J2’s bodyguard Clif, it would be a bit of fun if he made an appearance. Clif has his own Twitter account and appeared early on in the series. He is made a bit of an icon in the episode “French Mistake” which was part of season 6, episode 15. Matt Cohen and Richard Speight Jr. are heading up a night of music and fun for the fans. The event is called the Supernatural Sing-Along and is listed on the Hub Website

Tickets have been selling fast. To the point that the Hub has put a hold on them to find a bigger venue. It’s starting to feel like Beatle mania all over again. On the plus side if you have a large enough venue, you could contact The Hub Productions. Given that 15 million people live between and around Melbourne and Sydney, it is a bit like seize the moment.


***Important Update***

The Hub Productions has booked the venues for Melbourne and Sydney. Further information is on their event page on their website.


The social media links for reference are;
The Hub Productions (event planning) on Facebook
The Hub Productions on Twitter @TheHUBBUB
Jared Padalecki on Twitter @jarpad
Jensen Ackles on Twitter @JensenAckles
Clif Kosterman on Twitter @bodyguard4JandJ
Photo credit to CW network