Do 100 Miles over the summer

Back view on the walking woman with naked legs at the beach

Ever been inspired by these great people that just seem to have the best summer every single year? People that go on adventures – be it in an exotic country or a more urban experience – and have thousands of photos to show for the amazing memories? Well, why don’t you try to be one of them this year – do the 100 miles over the summer challenge!

It’s not simply about getting in shape or losing weight. Being fit can be an incredibly fun and adventurous activity – simply get your energy going and your sports clothes out of the drawer. Hiking, swimming in a lake, cycling to the nearby city, you name it. The sports activity on its own will help your body release more endorphins, so that alone will make you feel better than ever, and seeing the results at the end of the summer will be an even more pleasant surprise.

But doing a 100 miles over a summer isn’t just about fitness. It’s about being adventurous and being up to a challenge. Getting out of our comfort zones is something that we, as humans, simply prefer not doing – it’s hard, it’s annoying, it makes us feel… well, uncomfortable. But the results can be rather astonishing – not only, when it comes to physical shape, but also in building and maintaining your resilience and self-esteem. There are thousands of fun things you can do over the summer – go swim in the nearby lake or cycle to the shore! Hike with friends or hit the beach and go jogging a few times in the morning. The possibilities are virtually limitless and the only requirement is to push yourself over the limit – and the memories that you’ll create will last forever.

So, what are you waiting for? Take out your sports shoes and start counting your miles!


Thank you to our guest author for this article. As summer approaches in the Northen Hemisphere, these are good ideas. Photo credit to iStock.