A Day Out in Rundle Mall


Not every break needs thousands spent to be fun. Take a day to explore Rundle Mall and experience a slower paced outing.

Here are 15 ideas to work through from Rundle Mall to Rundle Street:



  1. Unique Opal and Diamond manufacturers at 5 Rundle Mall have an opal mine with tunnels to explore in the city. Authentic mine and free entry. Open over Easter.
  2. Check out the sculptures and do an “Arty” walk. Rundle Mall’s bronze pigs, officially called “A Day Out”. “Girl on a Slide” in the Mall, featured in above picture. Plus a bronze sculpture collection called “The Coffee Drinkers” scattered throughout Adelaide Central Plaza. The sculptures are a hare and a dog sipping coffee together.
  3. Check out Adelaide Arcade. The architecture is a beautiful representation of boutique shopping of days gone by.
  4. Haigh’s Chocolates hand crafted luxury brand is worth the visit and located on Adelaide Arcade.
  5. Try a cafe for a coffee break.
  6. Take your photo at the iconic silver balls. “The Spheres” by Bert Flugelman are made of stainless steel.
  7. Check out the Grilled Cheese Sandwich food truck. Have a lunch break.
  8. Spend some time watching street theatre or musicians.
  9. Take a stroll down Rundle Street, check out fashion and cafes.
  10. In the mood for a movie? Palace Nova Eastend Cinemas are on Rundle Street.
  11. Keep an eye out for something special as a souvenir.
  12. Desiring some quite time? The new modern Adelaide Library is located on Rundle Place off Rundle Mall.
  13. Take note of the original architecture along the Mall. Don’t miss out on Beehive Corner located on the corner of Rundle Mall and King William Street. Originally built in 1849.
  14. Blackebys Old Sweet Shop on 28 James Place, off the Mall.
  15. Easter Sunday participate in the free Eater party. From 11am to 5pm at Central Rundell Mall.


For comfort wear suitable footwear. A lot of the day is spent walking.