Tips For An Awesome Vacation

I have been traveling since I was 2. Not that when your 2 years old it is by choice. My parents decided to move to Ireland so off we went. They did it the long way via Capetown, France and London. Since that time I have continued to travel. I have also worked in Tasmania, Noosa in Queensland ( where I bumped into Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall) and Melbourne. I have learnt some pointers along the way to round out a trip and have an awesome time.

Most people like to check out some of the attractions but then what? Hopefully my pointers will help you plan and enjoy your next trip. These ideas aren’t exhaustive. I won’t cover where to stay or transport because most people know their budget and know what they like.

Before you go; decide how you will record your trip and keep those memories. Instagram is good for just images or Facebook if adding them to a timeline is helpful which can include creating an album. If travel is more of a lifestyle, a blog might be helpful and the can be closed for private use only.

Food; will you be doing the foodie thing or requiring a special diet? Plan ahead using or take a snap with your mobile if you find something interesting. That helps when you have the time to enjoy a cafe or restaurant

Relaxation and rest; seems obvious but not having some time out and getting enough sleep could mean a grumpy holiday by day 3. Allow a rest day or time to yourself when away. It makes that time a bit more special when you have had time to physically recharge yourself.

Social; are there some friends and family that you would like to catch up with? Do you need to plan a social occasion to see them or a thank you gift if they are hosting you?

Sights; something in particular that would make the trip stand out. A big indication would be, once you have left, what would you find disappointing that you didn’t get to see or do.

Entertainment;  is there a book you need to pack or live theater you would like to attend. I missed out on an event on one of our trips because I didn’t allow for something dressy in my suitcase. Unfortunately there was a dress code. It helps to allow for an event.

Shopping; sadly the days of collecting magnets and stickers to decorate the home of one’s travels is over. But I have some things I like to do. Mementos of a trip do add a bit of fun to the experience. I will buy anything that appeals to me and can fit in a suitcase. Even if it’s an ornament (that won’t break) or a pair of shoes. It’s memorable to say “I bought that scarf in Paris”.

Activities, Tours and Exercise; take a bit of forethought and also take a bit of time at your destination. It helps to have a basic idea of what the trip will be. Taking in some famous sites, a tour around a gallery and maybe a run on the beach. Planning ahead means a schedule with everything you would like to do, to enjoy the trip.