Vintage at the moment can mean anything from long dresses to crochet jackets to vintage blouses. Take your pick. My idea is to do a style breakdown. Love it or hate it, it works to get some ideas.

Stevie Nicks

Stevie Nicks fashion statement was her hair. A bit like Farah Fawcett bit bigger with that rock star edge. She would wear it up and then she wear it down. She would wear hats and then she wouldn’t wear hats. She would scarves and then she wouldn’t wear a scarf. She mixed it up. It keeps people guessing, keeps it fresh and the most important point, it kept her style in front.

Her makeup ranged from soft to peachy and then smudged eyeliner with a strawberry-peach coloured lip. Her lips were very defined and full.

If her clothing was strong the makeup was a bit softer. She didn’t wear strong makeup and a strong outfit during the ’70s.

Her choice of fabric was denim, velvet, a little bit of lace and floral long dresses. The strength of her style when Fleetwood Mac was breaking into the music scene was she kept it moving.