Women’s Fahion 2015

Women’s fashion for the coming year has some strong trends. I will share what the trends are but also how to make them your own. Having personal style is important, nobody wants to look like a fashion victim.

My first tip before sharing the trends is to keep trendy items to about 10-20% of your wardrobe. This will be a 5 part series. There is an e-book coming. That way it can be downloaded and read when you need it.


Florals are available in everything. From pants, shirts or jackets, they are not meant to be worn altogether at the same time. But as a statement piece. I do go into a lot more detail in the article on florals.


Denim for off duty wear is huge. I’m seeing mostly light coloured denim in collections. From long denim skirts to knee-length skirts, such as in the photo below by Gucci. Or classic black biker styled jacket and a white Tee sets of denim well. The key to the skirts is boot length. If denim will be worn with boots, wear an ankle or mid calf for long skirt or jeans. A knee height boot with the shorter denim skirt is best.

CApAJZ0UUAAukVe.jpg large


The ’70s Look

Crochet, fringe and velvet are all iconic looks for the ’70s. Denim fits in nicely with this look and flares would be a fun piece for the season.


A well put together vintage look is still around. The Fleetwood Mac look sported by Stevie Nicks was the iconic look of the day. Her look fells vintage and feminine.


Further Inspiration

Looking for further inspiration. I put together a challenge, so get out your mood board and sort your fashion for the next 30 days.