Incorporating fashion trends can be a bit of a challenge. How do you make it your own? We have you covered with some tips to keep the wardrobe fresh and add a bit of trend everyday.


Either a dress in floral or just a handbag would be enough for work. The key is to match the new item to at least 2 or 3 other items in your wardrobe. For example, the handbag would have a neutral that is used regularly or the dress needs to match a cardigan, shoes, jacket or coat. If your wardrobe has certain items you wear for work then take them with you when the item is purchased.


Either pants or a shirt would be great. Again, following the rule that it needs to match a few items in your wardrobe. Overall spending a couple of hours sorting our what you need and making a list is a great plan. Creative jobs need to look put together but not silly. A couple of hours and a list would be an investment that will reap some great looks.


For the quirky types maybe a pair of flats or even a jacket could look good with denim. It is important to make it your own. The need is for these items to fit with your style. To make that statement that you know what is on trend and you are in keeping with your style.

A nod to fashion

Some people are relaxed in their style but want to be a little bit current. I have put together some ideas that would help from the online store Mark and Spencer. I think scarves are in keeping with the ’70s look and can also be worn as head wear.


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