When You Start Running


The most important step before you start any form of exercise is to get medical clearance. Start gentle if you go to hard you could do yourself an injury. I also suggest don’t start running on a paved surface. Ovals and reserves are good.

I would start running and walking for set time say 20 minutes and then build up the time and the distance. In running and exercise circles it is called “Progressive Overload”. The online site Tone It Up at http://toneitup.com/  are online trainers. They offer a community and support, perfect for starting a new routine.

Give yourself a target. For example a fun run would be a good start, make sure the distance is suitable. Don’t start out and say I want to run 12 kilometres (7.3 miles). I would suggest running the shortest fun run first. Build up to your goal and set yourself achievable time target. Don’t be too hard on yourself if you don’t reach your time target. The big goal is to finish the fun run. If you have run the full distance well done.

Other goals could be hitting the beach or skiing.