Your Lipstick Wardrobe for 2015

hedgerMakeUp 081There are times when makeup should be fun and times when professionalism needs to be met for work. Either way there are great brands out there to meet your budget.

Avon: $-$$ they have a fantastic range of colours and prices. Pick up your faves when they are on special to stretch the budget.

Essence: $ a fabulous budget range available at Priceline and online elsewhere. Average price is about $3.

Elizabeth Arden: $$$ beautiful product. Buy when extras are added for a purchase, if you need to stretch your dollars.

Hot colours this year are in the pinks and deep plums. Add a frost or pearl in a lighter colour for variety. The wonderful thing about lipstick is the option to pick a couple of colours to be your statement colours, if that is your style. Or go with a broader choice if you prefer variety.

As a professional makeup artist here are my tips to keep you current:

  1. For the bold lip, keep the rest of makeup neutral and simple.
  2. For a light frost or pearl, add some drama to the eye.
  3. The focus should be lips or eyes not both.

Look after your lipstick and store in a dark cool place. Preferably not the bathroom.