image12Part of my job is keeping an eye on what is taught at makeup and beauty colleges. I came across this makeup done by a student at Paint. Paint has a makeup school at Goodwood in South Australia. This photo caught my eye because I had been thinking about a neutral/lighter makeup with a shimmer effect for evening makeup for women. I thought what the student captured at Paint was on the mark. It is a complete walkaway from the smokey eye look, which in my opinion, has gone on and on for over 10-12 years now. To say that the smokey eyed look is old would be a compliment, it is completely outdated.

There are some looks that have been around for nearly 100 years now. We are in the 21st Century and to keep going back to looks that came into fashion via Chanel is old and out dated. Chanel’s luxury marks of the LBD (Little Black Dress), costume jewellery, smokey eye makeup and strong perfume are 100 years old.  She was moving away from Victorian fashion. A glamorous high end evening makeup for women needs to be fresh and sophisticated. This look delivers that requirement. It is not an easy makeup.

To prepare skin

Cleanse using a gentle cleanser.
Follow this with a gentle exfoliant, skin needs to look fresh and dewy.
Apply a moisturiser suitable for clients skin type. Allow to settle into the skin for a few minutes.

During that few minutes pay attention to neck and decolletage. Skin that is exposed needs to look soothed and hydrated, so as not to detract from facial makeup.


Use a primer to begin.
Do concealer, foundation and powder as normal. I have personally been using Avon Mineral Makeup to set makeup and have found that it sets well and doesn’t clump even in temperatures up to 50C/122F.

This makeup look is a step up from natural. It is not a matte makeup.

For Lips

Use a light lip colour that suits skin tone and outfit. It can either have shimmer in it or the shimmer can be added on top. It is not a matte lip.

For Eyes

Use a similar technique for natural eyes. Using contour to shape eyes and colours to suit skin tone. The lighter colour on the lid and under the eyebrow need to be a shimmer not a matte. The idea is that it is reflective in light and photos. Do not go overboard with false eyelashes or the effect will be lost.

The Cheeks

Contouring is key, then using a shimmer on top of cheekbones. It is in neutrals and shimmery finish.

Finish off

Using shimmer where you want it to reflect. We are not going for a clown look. It is light and shimmery, not matte and not trashy but elegant.

Hair and accessories

Because the light is bouncing around the face, stay away from necklaces and sparkling earrings. It will look too busy.
Instead add a bit of glamour to the hair with a sparkly accessory.
Jewellery would be best kept to a bracelet, away from the face, this completes the look.